Whatever you.

I was halfway up on the edge of a fantasy. Looking out for something. I don’t know what is good and bad for me. The sky looked too dark. The world soo quite. OH GOD. Those dreams drive me cranky. They wont leave me alone. I dont wanna be alone tho. Rather be with them. SO I will keep run until…

Super tired.

been here before. no time for cry. even no time for chill (oke ini lebay). But SUMFAAAAAAH AKU CAPEEEEK. Mau nangis boleh gak? Too much, Shit!


I don’t know how to fly but you are there to catch me when i fall. Siaaapeeeee? 🙂

Its okay not be okay.

I was flying back home when decided to throw out the feelings that im going through. I am gonna let everyone knows but you. HEY I am missing. I wanna disappear.  I wanna cry, but HELL the tears wouldn’t come. I HATE IT.  Can someone tell me what happened with me? I am used to…

Is’t tonite?

Some people said “Make a wish, its your birthday!”. But, somehow i just don’t know what my wishes are. I just feel my vision is blurred. My wishes seems untrue. And even all sweet cake or greentea latte won’t put my mind at ease. Now, it’s 1.36 am. and i feel lost. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…

why and what coffee Fransisca?

So, actually gw bukan a true coffee lovers yang tau banyak hal tentang coffee, to be honest i even don’t know how to make a  tasty coffee. Selalu gagal. Either too sweet or too bitter. Buat gw, coffee bisa jadi temen yang menyenangkan. Bisa jadi teman saat sedih, senang, buat bengong, dan have fun sama temen….

Sending YOU a message.

One of my bestfriends said, you need to SPEAK UP! other people cannot read your mind! express your feeling! So tonite is my first #SendingMessage challenge. So, halo you, I MISS YOU.   Should we meet, just like last Monday nite?    

Soon will Fly to Japan.

I’ll be there soon.  Actually this is my 2nd time visiting Japan, still so excited. Cannot wait to spend my 7 hours at plane, alone. Cannot wait to enjoy Japan’s park, the air, the sky, and the sun. Cannot wait to be lost 🙂

A question

So actually, this is my very first post at wordpress and feel so blank. I do not know how to post a video, can i? I do not know how to link a youtube. I even don’t know why finally i decided to have this one. Someone maybe is willing to help me, anyone? Nope? Okay.

It’s only Me anyway.

My journey, my steps. My Ups and Downs. My Happiness and Sadness. When with and without you.